frank and katie

A duo. Frank Aarnink and Katie Buckley. Percussion. Harp. Bing Bong. Tinkle. Offshoots has been released! The Greenhouse Sessions is still available online.


Duo Harpverk playing at Museum Night!


Our second annual Passport Concert will be in cooperation with the city of Reykjavik’s Museum Night. This evening happens once a year, where all museums are free to the public. Concerts will be happening all over town. Make sure to stop by our concert at Ásmundursafn!

During the Icelandic Museum Night we will play our ‘Passport’ concert. This concert has pieces from all over the world, including the 100th piece ever written for us! Come hear all world premieres by J.C. Combs (USA), Michiharu Matsunaga (Japan), David Otten (NL), Nicolas Marty (France), and Alexander Sigman (USA).

Free admission
When? Friday, February 6 at 21:00

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